Speed Controllers


Speed Controllers are a special area for us.

We supply from many manufacturers, with a preference for the M-troniks Electronic Speed Controls [ ESC ] because of their wide selections, special capabilities and reliability. We have a good reputation of making recommendations based on your requirements.

We supply only high quality, reliable items.

Please give us a call at (908) 722-0075 for our recommendations.

In addition to the full line of M-Troniks controllers, the specifications below are typical of just two of the high quality Electronic Speed Controls which we can supply.

Part No.: SnT 25p
Voltage: 13.8 Volts, maximum
Cooling Fan: Included
R/C ready: Plug directly into receiver
Part No. : SnT 212rc, DUAL motor control in one package
Current: 12 Amps continuous, per channel
Voltage: 24 Volts, maximum
Cooling fins: Included
R/C ready: Plug directly into receiver
We can supply quality Electronic Speed Controls from a number of different manufacturers.

Need an ESC, call us first.


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