Picture of the typical Ram Track Digitally Accurate Sound board (#72 below).
Picture of the typical Ram Track Digitally Accurate Sound board (RAM 72).
Realistic sounds are produced on compact, easy to install circuit board. Some of the devices are analog design and produce the accurate sound synthetically. More complex sounds are acoustically recorded and the digitally reproduced on custom “burned” chips. All digital devices are identical physically and designated with **. All systems are completely assembled. Batteries and connectors, where required are not included. We will be pleased to demonstrate any of the calls if you give us a call at (908) 722-0075.

31 – 3-Way Simple Siren

This compact but loud system offers a choice of three distinct siren sounds for cars, boats, and planes. The modes can be changed when underway. The system comes completely wired with a 2 1/4″ speaker. Weight 3 oz. Requires a 9 volt alkaline battery.

32 Single Speaker 4-sound switch

This rotary switch attaches to the top of a serve and allows you to feed up to 4 RAM Digital sound devices through 1 speaker. A great space saver.

38 – Gas/Diesel Engine Sound with Horn

You choose either a gas or diesel engine sound with adjustable horn for your electric car, truck, or boat. Idle rate and top speed are also adjustable. Simple 4 wire hook-up. Completely assembled, includes 4″ Speaker. Compact state of the art design is synchronized to motor speed. 6 to 14.4 volt input power.

40 – Gas/Diesel Engine Sound with Horn

Uses the same sophisticated sound device as the RAM Track 38, but with a smaller 2″ speaker for more compact installations.

41 – Steam Whistle & Air Horn

This versatile device is completely adjustable and can produce a full range of sounds. Used in conjunction with the RAM Track 30, all sounds can be generated and controlled by a single servo. Completely assembled with a 4″ Speaker. Operates on 6 – 12 Volts.

48 – Steam Engine Sound, R/C

The 1 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ module produces the realistic chuff and hiss sound of a steam engine. The sensor board synchronizes the speed to the turning prop shaft in your model. Completely assembled with a 4″ Speaker. Operates of 6 to 14.4 volts.

52 – Steam Engine Sound, O.

This is the same system electronically as the HO unit described above but has a 2″ speaker which creates greater volume and can fit easily into most O or G gauge tenders and cars. Use a RAM 59 for rail power Hear a demo!

61 – Whooper**

This device produces the classic whooping attack alarm common on destroyers and other fast surface ships. The 1″ x 2 1/2″ circuit board comed with a 2″ Speaker and is powered by 9 to 18 volts. It can be controlled by a mechanical switch and servo, an electronic switch such as the RAM Track 35 or the RAM Track 76 XTra Control. It is provided in momentary mode but can be simply changed to emit a recorded sound cycle. Complete instructions give full details on all options.

63 – Fog Horn

This device gives the classic, deep dual tomes familiar to most modelers. It can be triggered by push-button or servo. The system operates on 6 – 12 volts and is supplied with a 4″ speaker.

67 – Ship Alarm Buzzer

This is the klaxon sound used for general quarters on military ships. See #61 for full details.

68 – Sub Sonar Ping

The clear ping is the tracking sound used to identify the location of underwater vessels. See #61 for full details.

70 – Air Horns

The sound of a dual trumpet air horn used on pleasure boats and small commercial vessels is very distinctive. See #61 for full details.

71 – Big Ship Whistle

An ocean liner or large cargo ship have a very deep and distinctive whistle sound. See #61 for full details.

72 – R/R Steam Whistle

This device provides a recorded, long blast of a typical 1920 – 1940’s era whistle. It can be triggered to give shorter signals. The digitally accurate sound comes from an amplified, 2 1/2″ x 1″ circuit board with a 2″ speaker and requires 9 to 18V DC which can be provided by an alkaline battery or from the rail by using a device such as the RAM 59 Rail Powered 9 Volt Source. The board can be triggered by a mechanical switch, magnetic track switch, DCC, the RAM Track 76 X Tra Control or the RAM Track 102 Infra Red Switch depending on your preference for control. Hear a demo!

73 – R/R Diesel Horn

This device provides several long blasts of the most common diesel horns. It can be triggered to give shorter signals. See #72 for full info. Hear a demo!

75 – R/R Diesel Engine

This device provides the sounds of a diesel engine running at a range of speeds typical of operation underway. See #72 for full info. Hear a demo!

77 – Steam Calliope

This device provides a short, upbeat turn typical of those heard on circus midways. See #72 for full info. Hear a demo!

78 – Riverboat Steam Whistle

The blast of the riverboat whistle was distinctive from other larger and smaller steam boats. See #61 for full details.

80 – Old Time Steam Whistle**

This device provides a variety of the unique steam whistle sounds of early steam engines typical of those used for logging and light duty. See #72 for full info.

81 – 16 inch Deck Gun

The roar and echo of a large gun is provided by this device. See #61 for full details.

82 – Tug Boat Whistle

Modern diesel tug boats have a very specific air horn sound. See #61 for full details.

We can supply ALL of the Sounds and ALL other Electronic items from RAM Track.