Balance Rudders for electric boats and scale Models with realistic blade forms.

107-00: Blade size 25×42 mm (ABS), shaft 3mm brass, nylon tiller arm and ABS tube.
107-01: The same construction, blade size> 30×49 mm.
107-02: for the bigger scale Models. 4 mm stainless steel shaft and hard brass bearings. Tiller arm with a non slip connection( 26 splines). Blade size: 36×60 mm.
107-30/31: Balance rudders for speedboats up to 3,5 cc.
107-30: Blade 22x40mm,
107-31: 35x47mm SS Shaft and hard brass bearings
107-04: Slanting Rudder for the competition boats, to make sharp corners. Shaft 5mm SS, tube>brass and hard brass bearings.
107-39/41: Nylon Tiller arms with 26 splines and 3-4-5 mm hole.100-01: Water scoops: Brass with rubber rings.
107-05 / 107-06: Rudder construction for general use.

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