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A high performance drive system for electric racing boats and model ships. The Robbe Direct Drive consists of a Robbe high performance electric motor and a racing propeller representing the ideal drive system for electric racing boats. The unit can be recommended for other types of model boats if the propeller is replaced with another of suitable diameter and pitch.
Order #4105

Fitted with a small pinion. Basic motor and replacement motor for the Robbe Navy geared drive units.
Order #4106

Requires a coupling between gearbox and propeller shaft. For standard bladed propellers of 1.5-2.57 in. diameter and for racing propellers and x-propelers of 1.574-1.968 in. diameter. Same specifications as for the part #4106.
Order #4107

mounting bracket Motor Mount. For the high power Power 600 and similar electric motors with mounting hole spacing of 25mm.
Order #4070

mounting bracket Motor Mount. Universal aluminium mounting bracket with various mounting hole spacings.
Order #1415

motor-mount Motor Mount for geared motors. Motor not included.
Order #1395

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